Promise Rings | A Symbol of Commitment

Promise Rings Are a Symbol of Commitment marriage minded people

One of the feelings that cannot be resisted is love. Everyone desires to be loved and cherished. All over the world, love is a phenomenon that will always be in focus. Finding the right person to love may take some time and efforts but making the relationship work out requires dedication, trust, and hope.

However, when we have found the person we love, and we want to be together with for life, we usually want to be assured that the love that person has for us will not change, especially when we are not ready for engagement; promise rings can do the trick when words are not enough to express the readiness and willingness to go on with the relationship despite the challenges that may arise.

Many people think that giving promise rings is not necessary since they will give engagement rings later. However, giving a promise ring to your mate expresses your sincerity and serves as an assurance to your mate whether you are in the same area or far away. If you are going to be away for some time, perhaps you are traveling to study or work or you are too young to marry now, giving your mate a promise ring goes a long way to making your sincerity known.

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What promise rings mean goes beyond words; they are an expression of love and commitment between lovers. Promise rings meaning can also be related to religious beliefs where primarily a piece of jewelry or ring that is given or exchanged means something different than a symbol of love and commitment in a relationship. Sometimes, what promise rings mean is purity and the decision to remain celibate until marriage.

Promise rings are exchanged explicitly by couples who are willing and ready to take their relationships to the next level. Only couples who are seriously in love and are not afraid to stay true to their intention and be responsible for each word they say give and exchange promise rings. Although they have made up their minds, exchanging promise rings creates a physical symbol to continually remind them of their declaration of love and the need to stay true no matter the challenges they face.

The Psychological Impact of Promise Rings what are promise rings

Promise rings have a psychological impact on the couples that exchange them in the following ways:

Promise rings serve as a reminder bringing to mind their commitment and love for the each other. They serve as a symbol to other people that the wearers of the promise rings are already committed to someone with whom they are seriously in love. They can also serve as strength to fight temptations that could lead to breaking the promise made to the other party.

Promise rings represent a sign of commitment to each other. They are an indication of readiness to go on to the next level of the relationship.  They can help to create a peace of mind and confidence in each other, even if the relationship delays extended periods of time.

Promise rings help to promote faithfulness between couples or help to break bad habits that you have promised your loved one to stop. Each time you see the ring, your promise comes to mind. They can also make you feel the presence of your mate, even when they are not around physically.

Promise rings help to prepare the ground for engagement and are a powerful tool to bind yourself to a promise of love and remain loyal wherever you are, irrespective of what you are going through. Meanwhile, it is noteworthy to state that the significance of promise rings should not be downplayed by giving them casually. They should be provided by couples who are genuinely committed and know that they want to share their future together.

How to Wear Promise Rings promise rings finger

Each type of ring has the right finger on which it should be worn. There are some schools of thought that promise rings should be worn on the little or pinky fingers. The pinky finger signifies relationship and associations with other people. It represents the way we relate to other people. So, it is highly significant and relevant to wear promise rings on the pinky fingers because it is believed to enhance relationships and promote understanding.

However, another school of thought believes that there is no official finger on which a promise ring should be worn because they are given out of commitment, sincerity, and hope of the continuation of the relationship.

Whatever your school of thought you choose, the most important fact is not to lose focus on the significance of a promise ring and remember to give your mate one as a token of love, commitment, and readiness to stay in love and take your relationship to the next level. Give a right ring and amaze your mate with your sincere thoughts for the two of you and your wishes for a future together. For ideas and styles, visit